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Artist Biography

In 2000, Jennifer Shao moved with her family from Mainland China to Lowell, MA. Two years later they moved to Chelmsford where she attended the Parker School and CHS. She now lives in Lowell (again) where she works part time at the Enterprise Bank. This past December she painted holiday scenes on some of the bank's windows.

Jennifer credits her middle school art teachers for her evolving interest in the arts. Her middle school art teachers introduced her to the work of artists like van Gogh and Picasso. She was introduced to many forms of art - painting, sketching, beading, shading, using Photoshop and pottery. At Chelmsford High School, the 90-minute blocks allowed Jennifer to delve more deeply into the different media and gave her the time to experiment with colors.

Jennifer is a risk-taker. She is not afraid to try new forms of art and new techniques. She moves from using brushes to cosmetic sponges, glitter and rhinestones. Her paintings are unique, fresh and full of color.

As her style evolves she is discovering ways to share her art with an audience. She has a good business sense and has plans to use it to promote her work in the future.