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“Life is too short not to take action.”

-Jennifer Shao (March 20th 2018)

“Life is too short to perform unproductive actions or activities.” -Jennifer Shao (March 10th 2018)

“We are not entitled to luck.

It has to be earned.” -Jennifer Shao (March 1st 2018)

“The biggest reward from sucess is loving what you do” -Jennifer Shao (January 1st 2018)

“Sometimes you have to go back inorder to go forward.”-Jennifer Shao (October 26th 2017)

“Money comes at the speed of light.” -Jennifer Shao (May 25th 2017)

“I feel the need to invest in myself because if you don’t, you’re not going to last long anyway.” -Jennifer Shao (October 22, 2017)

“Don’t attract someone with an opposing attitude.” -Jennifer Shao (October 22, 2017)

“Living life is like solving a puzzle. I’m just putting the pieces together.” -Jennifer Shao (September 7, 2017)

“Living life is like solving a puzzle. I’m just putting the pieces together.” -Jennifer Shao (September 7, 2017)

“Life is like a rotary; eventually you will have to take an exit.” -Jennifer Shao (October 26th, 2016)

“My paintings will make you fall in love with colors you didn’t like.” -Jennifer Shao 9/14/2016

Treat yourself how you treat others. -Jennifer Shao (9/7/2016)

Speak your mind, mind what you speak. -Jennifer Shao

Successful people are failures who reject defeat. -Jennifer Shao

“Judging is a form of branding, when you judge someone, you brand them.” 

-Jennifer Shao (July 3rd, 3016)

“If you’re going to follow something, you might as well follow your dreams.” (May 22nd, 2016)

“You only break-even when you eat, sleep, shower, and work.” Jennifer Shao (May 22nd,2016)

“Happiness cannot be taught.” -Jennifer Shao (5/11/2016)

“Entrepreneurs first create problems, and then solve them.” (November 14 2015)

“Change is through action.” -Jennifer Shao (October 8th 2015, 1:01pm EST)

“Working hard just helps you to stay in the game. Working smart helps you to stay ahead of the game.” -Jennifer Shao  (August 18th 2015)

“Failure is never a failure unless you accept it.” -Jennifer Shao (August 14th 2015)

“Failure can be a good thing, it’s a sign that you’re trying.” -Jennifer Shao (July 21st 2015)

“Failure is success in disguise.” -Jennifer Shao (July 20th 2015)

“If I’m ever going to write my own book, I’m going to write one I’d like to read.” -Jennifer Shao (June 25 2015)

“I want to be the inspiration to people’s change. All I can do is inspire you, but you have to do the actual work.”-Jennifer Shao (April 7th 2015)

“Anyone who cannot manage a home, cannot manage a business.”-Jennifer Shao (March 25 2015)

“If you lead yourself into a bad, then you can lead yourself out of it; and there for we are all leaders because we lead ourselves.”-Jennifer Shao (March 19 2015)

“You have to pick what’s worth fighting for, not what is easy.” -Jennifer Shao (Feb 26 2015)

“You have to fight through the end. It’s not the end, until you’ve won.” -Jennifer Shao (Feb 26 2015)

“Art is delicate, yet strong. My paintings is a representation of me.” - Jennifer Shao (Feb 26 2015)

“I wasn’t born with silver spoons either, but hey, are you going to use that as an excuse to why you’re not successful or are you going to go out there and fight for what you want?” -Jennifer Shao

“Just because I’m young and have room for mistakes, doesn’t mean I’ll purposely make them.” -Jennifer Shao

“If you’re not going to bring me up, don’t drag me down.” -Jennifer Shao

“Never base a relationship off of looks or money, because if you do, there’s always going to be someone better looking or with more money. It’ll be a endless journey. In a relationship go for love. Once you find love, stop looking. Get this concept down while you’re young.” -Jennifer Shao

“Fighting for what you want isn’t even about fighting. It’s just means go for what you want. It’s a good feeling. And if it isn’t a good feeling, then maybe you’re not doing it right. That doesn’t mean there’s no struggles though.” -Jennifer Shao

“Delicate not weak.” -Jennifer Shao

“I don’t believe in hardships in life. I believe that there’s problems, and attempting to solve those problems.” -Jennifer Shao

“I don’t just want to survive, I want to survive well.” -Jennifer Shao

“In school we’re taught to write: beginning, middle, and end. In life, I say: be formal BUT get straight to the point!” -Jennifer Shao

“Be in control not controlling, be a boss not bossy.” -Jennifer Shao

“Be in control not controlling, be a boss not bossy.” -Jennifer Shao

“Just like too big to fail, animals are too cute to get punished when they do something bad. It’s all these business lessons learned from everyday randomness.” -Jennifer Shao

“What are the chances of everything going perfectly right in our lifetime? :)” -Jennifer Shao

“Ideas that haven’t gone away are ideas that should be revisited.” -Jennifer Shao

“We can all save the world by following our own dreams. Imagine how clean the world will be if we all clean up after ourselves.” -Jennifer Shao

“How successful you become will be determined by how hard you work.” -Jennifer Shao

“Say what you mean, mean what you say.” -Jennifer Shao

“By proving others wrong, you prove yourself right.” -Jennifer Shao

“It’s important to know the good so you can acquire it. It’s important to know the bad so you can avoid it.” -Jennifer Shao

“I like to have the least amount of stuff that can do the most amount of things.” -Jennifer Shao

“There is no limit when it comes to dreams.” -Jennifer Shao

“Words are meaningless unless there’s action behind it.” -Jennifer Shao

“Doing things for the right reasons will always make you a winner.” -Jennifer Shao

“Enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy.” -Jennifer Shao

“Do what you want, want what you do.” -Jennifer Shao (2014)